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Eco-friendly Portable Toilet Hire

Posted By: Cambridge Luxury Toilets | Posted Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Environmentally-Friendly Portable Event Toilet Hire

As environmental concerns continue to shape industries worldwide, the event sector is increasingly prioritizing green practices. At Cambridge Luxury Toilets, we are committed to ensuring that our luxury toilet hire services not only meet the highest standards of comfort and elegance but also adhere to eco-friendly practices. Here’s how you could incorporate sustainability in your luxury toilet hire! 

Eco-Friendly Products

Our commitment to sustainability begins with the products we use. Your luxury toilets can be stocked with biodegradable hand soaps, organic hand towels, and recycled toilet paper. By choosing products that minimise environmental impact, you can ensure luxury does not come at the earth’s expense.

Water Conservation  

Water conservation is crucial in the sanitation industry, especially for events. Our units feature modern water-saving fixtures such as efficient flushing systems and automatic taps that reduce water usage. These initiatives help in significantly lowering the water footprint of each event.

Chemical-Free Sanitation

To maintain  high hygiene standards while protecting the environment, you could use use eco-friendly cleaning agents for servicing our toilets. These products are effective and biodegradable, ensuring our cleaning practices do not harm the ecosystem.


Energy conservation is another pillar of our sustainability strategy. Our units are equipped with LED lighting, which not only creates a warm ambiance but also reduces electricity usage. You could also use solar panels to power the units, tapping into renewable energy sources to further reduce your carbon footprint.

Green Disposal Practices

Post-event waste management is critical. We ensure that all waste collected from our units is treated and disposed of responsibly in partnership with certified waste management companies. This adherence to sustainable disposal practices helps minimise the environmental impact of the events we service.

Beyond implementing green practices, we believe in the power of education. We actively engage with our clients to highlight the benefits of eco-friendly event planning and encourage the adoption of green practices across all aspects of their events. By sharing knowledge and promoting sustainability, we aim to inspire more eco-conscious decisions within the events industry.

Choosing Cambridge Luxury Toilets means opting for a partner who prioritises environmental responsibility. Our clients not only provide their guests with high-quality, luxurious facilities but also support sustainable practices that benefit the planet.

For more information on our environmentally friendly luxury toilet options or to plan your next green event, please contact us.  

Eco-friendly Portable Toilet Hire